Traveling Skin Care Tips

Summer travel is soon here! As a former United Airlines Flight Attendant, the friendly skies may not, after all, be so friendly to your skin.  Uprooting your familiar skin care routine can aggravate your skin - but your skin doen't need to show it!  By taking a few extra steps your skin will look even better than the day you set out on your adventure.
Routine, Routine, Routine:
Pack a travel bag that's easy for you to get to!
Keep your products in small sizes to allow for easy application.
First thing to have in your bag is a Hydrating Mist toner, it plumps and revives your skin while refreshing your overall aura.  Secondly, is a essential oil blend moisturizer that will absorb quickly into your skin - for best penetration apply while the skin is still damp - ideally use after misting the skin with a hydrating toner.
A heavy duty moisturizer for areas of your skin that tend to get dry patches, like knuckles and hands, espeacially after using the harsh soap or hand santizers!  The extra thickness protects, heals and softens problem areas!
Once you have reached your destination if your skin looks like you have been up 24 hours straight, then a hyaluronic acid (HA) is a most.  Hyaluronic acid is a moisture-binding ingredient (powerful humectant) that plumps and hydrates the skin and maybe used daily.
Don't Skip The Basics:
Remove your makeup to avoid skin from apprearing tired the following day - no matter how many hours you have been traveling or out sight seeing.  By not cleansing your skin before bed, pores can become blocked - traping bacteria which can cause blemishes.  Travel in general can cause skin to be dry and irritated - it's benefical to hydrate the skin before and during your travel.  By keeping the skin hydrated, your skin will look and feel refreshed and ready for your next adventure.
Home Away From Home:
You have booked that cozy bed away from home, but what about the bedding?  It may give you a restful sleep while aggravating your skin.  Often chemicals or starches are used on those pretty sheets and pillows to keep the bedding looking fresh but can interfere with you not looking your best the next day.  To avoid any sensitives that may arise pack your own pillow case, it's small and your skin can get a rejuvenated rest! 
Hydration is Key:
Flying dries out the skin before it appears on the surface, driving in the car with the sun glare and A/C on is just as drying.  Avoid eating anything salty and if your flying opt out of the alcohol.  Both can cause a dehydrating and puffy effect on the skin.  Drink plenty of water while traveling to keep the skin hydrated and try to move as often as possible this will help with circulation.
Traveling is not the time to neglect your skin: infact it's a great time to give it an extra boost of care!
Here is a list of items to consider having in your travel bag:
-Hydrating Toner
-Oil / Serum Moisturizer
-Heavy Moisturizer
-Hydratin Masque

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