What is cetearyl alcohol and what does it do for skin care.

What is Cetearyl Alcohol in skin care?

Cetearyl alcohol is a combination of two fatty alcohols, cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol also known as stearic acid. Fatty alcohols are light, non-greasy emollients and help to create a fluffy texture to a creme, lotion, moisturizer. They are vegetable-derived and very different from the alcohol base in petro.  

Serums for the skin?

Serum often have a gel-like consistency and are specifically formulated to penetrate deep into the skin. Because serums target the deepest layers of the skin they are one of the best ways to help retain moisture and deliver long-lasting results.
Face serums are formulated with specific ingredients to address skin issues, such as Vitamin C for anti-aging.  Vitamin C acts to loosen and remove skin cells from the skin's surface resulting in more even skin tone and texture.  This results in brighter, fresher skin know matter our age.

Outdoor Benefits

Traveling Skin Care Tips

Summer travel is soon here! As a former United Airlines Flight Attendant, the friendly skies may not, after all, be so friendly to your skin.  Uprooting your familiar skin care routine can aggravate your skin - but your skin doen't need to show it!  By taking a few extra steps your skin will look even better than the day you set out on your adventure.
Routine, Routine, Routine:
Pack a travel bag that's easy for you to get to!
Keep your products in small sizes to allow for easy application.

SKIN REACTIONS - Why does the appearance of skin change?

What can cause my skin to breakout, be dry, oily, have pigmentation - dark spots.
This is a short list of what may cause skin to be dry, oily, or have pigmentaion - 


Why Organic Skincare:

Why should you choose an Organic Skin Care opposed to non-organic.  First, because the skin is the largest breathing part of your body, the most exposed and first line of defense, any break can result in infection and even other diseases.  It’s our skin that is responsible for keeping bacteria from gaining entry into our body day after day.  If the skin has been compromised it may not be able to protect the body in whole and that is why caring for your skin with an organic skincare product is caring for your whole body.

Sensitive Skin or Sensitized Skin which do I have?

No other skin condition is more misunderstood than sensitive skin.  Many people say they have sensitive skin when their skin really is sensitive.  To really know if you have a sensitive skin condition you first need to understand what causes it. 
Sensitive skin is often a genetically-inherited condition that primarily affects very fair-skinned individuals, usually of Northern European ancestry.  Someone with truly sensitive skin has a very fine complexion, is highly prone to blushing and may experience allergies, hay fever or asthma.

5 steps to help keep your skin looking great this winter

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5 steps to help keep your skin looking great this winter
1. Water intake – add a slice of lemon and cucumber to your glass of water – this will taste great, help with hydration both inside and out.

2. Exfoliate your skin – exfoliating will remove dead layers of skin that can build up leaving the skin dull and dry. *Best to exfoliate at night. 

3. Moisturize – applying a hydrating moisturizer will help protect your skin from the temperature change both indoors and out.

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