Why Organic Skincare:

Why should you choose an Organic Skin Care opposed to non-organic.  First, because the skin is the largest breathing part of your body, the most exposed and first line of defense, any break can result in infection and even other diseases.  It’s our skin that is responsible for keeping bacteria from gaining entry into our body day after day.  If the skin has been compromised it may not be able to protect the body in whole and that is why caring for your skin with an organic skincare product is caring for your whole body.

Choosing skincare products that have a high percentage of organic ingredients infused with vitamins and minerals are essential to keeping the skin healthy. Another benefit to using organic skincare products is no pesticide or fertilizers were used and the absence of these chemicals results in safer skincare ingredients.  Yet with all things, no matter how careful growers tend to be there is always a chance a small amount of fertilizers or pesticides will remain due to something blowing in. 

There is a growing concerned about using commercially produced cosmetics which often contain chemicals that can be harmful to the skin, it is always best to read the label of any skincare product to make sure it does not contain any allergens you might react to.  If you read the product bottle and do not know what the ingredient is than chances are the ingredient does not need to be put on your skin and into your body.

Bilanceia Skin Care products have a minimum 70% organic ingredients, vegan, contain no synthetic ingredients, parabens, artificial fragrances or colors.  Also all of Bilanceia products are packaged in recyclable aluminum or glass bottles – less plastic – means less impact on the environment. We are a local company in San Diego.  Please visit www.bilanceia.com product ingredient page for a full list of ingredients and what they do for your skin and body.

Bilanciea Skin Care   
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